Signet Accounting

A top of the range accounting system for South Africans, designed by South Africans (since 1998).

One of the motivations in creating Signet was to offer a mid to top range suite of accounting software modules written for South African requirements, thereby providing local development and growth.

Signet is a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 + based package and is offered on a modular basis.

AIAlien Import (this module links to all modules)
BMBill of Materials
BRBank Run Processing
CLCreditors Ledger
DBDebtors Ledger
GLGeneral Ledger
LELive Export (this module links to all modules)
MLMail List Manager
OPOrder Processing & Invoicing & Point of Sale
POPurchase Ordering (Integrated into Inventory)
VATValue Added Tax (Integrated into all modules)
VCVehicle Costing

The emphasis is on a powerful yet easy to use accounting system that will grow with your requirements.

The system has built in postal and telephone area code automation for ease of entry and consistency. With our uncertain postal system, Signet offers a Direct Bank Payment module so that you may pay your Creditors directly. This module has a full bank branch and account number checking facility, thereby eliminating costly rejections when posting transactions to the bank.

Whilst Signet is a modular system, you may choose to take, for instance, the Creditors module initially, and at a later stage the General Ledger. Signet provides a "mini" General Ledger so that when you decide to purchase the General Ledger, Signet will offer you the choice to import the captured information from the Creditors module into the General Ledger.

Extensive operator control is available in all modules.

Most database pages within Signet offer some unique features. For instance, you can attach external documents to most records. Once attached, you can launch any document directly from within Signet. You could use this to:

  • Keep all Driver warnings against the Driver record
  • Store all quotations given to a Debtor against the Debtor
  • Provide a storage space for all the documentation pertaining to a particular Purchase Order
  • Keep all your bank correspondence against the Bank Account.
  • Add Analysis Codes to analyse your data according to your exact requirements.

Where Signet stores a fax number against a record (e.g. a Debtor), facilities are provided to send a fax directly from that page. Similarly, cellular numbers can be sent an SMS message, and EMail addresses can be sent an EMail message.

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As this system is designed for the South African market, we invite you to post your comments or suggestions in the area provided, or see our Contact section for alternate contact methods.