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The Bill of Materials (B.O.M.) module, when used in conjunction with the Inventory module, performs all the manufacturing related functions and produces the relevant information in reports.

Master bills of materials are set up with as many levels of sub-assembly as required.

When creating a bill of materials, the system will automatically retrieve the latest cost or selling price from the inventory records, ensuring no outdated costs are used.

It will automatically issue raw materials and sub-assemblies and receive into stock the relevant finished goods.

When handling tentative enquiries or orders, the "trial kitting" facility will identify potential stock shortages, to allow for more accurate lead-time calculation.

Some of the outstanding features of the Bill of Materials module are:

  • Where a component is temporarily out of stock, a substitute component may be used with the necessary reporting on that substitution.
  • Component Parts can be allocated to user defined Phases, allowing grouping of the Components
  • A Bill may be 'allocated' first and a requisition sent to the workshop/factory.
  • Non-standard issue of a bill which allows you to add non-standard components to a bill at the time of issuing.
  • Graphically view of bills & sub-assemblies.
  • Enquiry on the bills & relevant stock information.
  • Inventory Purchase Orders can be created automatically for missing Components
  • Detailed Bill explosion & component substitution report.