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VC is a simple and easy to use Vehicle Costing PC based system. It has been designed to make it easy for you to maintain a data base of Vehicles, enter fixed, semi-fixed & variable costs for these vehicles, and using this information, produce a variety of reports.

The long-term goal is to track vehicle costs, identify maverick vehicles, and improve the productivity and performance of your fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle Costing integrates to Signet's General Ledger, enabling the user to pass the relevant financial entries directly to the ledger.

Raw Data Requirements

The following data can be input into VC:

  • Repair Costs
  • Services
  • Tyre Costs
  • Staff Costs
  • Fuel Costs & Litres
  • Oil Costs & Litres
  • Accident Costs
  • Cellular Charges
  • Toll Fees
  • Other Operating Costs
  • Revenue


Reports produced are:

Consumption - Fleet Number, Reg No, Make & Model, km, Litres of Fuel, Litres/100km.

Running Costs - Depreciation, Insurance, License, Overheads, Repair Costs, Service Costs, Tyre Costs, Labour Costs, Fuel Costs, Staff Costs, Total Cents, Cents/km.

Vehicle History - Date, Odo, Type, Details, Parts Cost, Labour Cost, Reference Number.

Fuel History - Date, Odo, Details, Litres, Cost, km, Litres/100km,Reference Number.

Service Schedule - Fleet No, Odo, km to next service(C, B & A),Odometer at next Service.

Income Analysis - Fleet No, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Fuel, Total, Revenue, Contribution, Cents/km.

All of these reports can be produced for any given period

Some of the outstanding features of the Vehicle Costing module are:

  • Links to carious satellite tracking systems, so you see where your Vehicle is and what it's doing directly from within Signet
  • All transactions are tracked against a Vehicle, Drivers, and Trailers
  • Certificate of Fitness tracking
  • Up to 10 maintenance types (A through J) with maintenance propagation (i.e. the B service includes the A service)
  • Maintenance can be based on Kilometers, Litres of Fuel Used, Hours Operated, or a number of Days
  • PDP renewal information for Drivers
  • Bowser Fuel Control
  • Full error correction
  • Manage Your Bowsers, with a mini stock control system