General Ledger

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General Ledger forms the nucleus of the system and integration, on-line or batch, is user defined. The system uses the powerful "add-to" account structure enabling you to form a meaningful, structured chart of accounts.

General Ledger Add-to Structure

You may specify the number of years to retain information and the number of prior years to keep "open" for closing journal entries.

The General Ledger is Multi Company and Multi Branch/Division and provides for consolidation of companies in the report writer. There is a facility to duplicate a company or branch/division chart of accounts.

A sample PTY and CC chart of accounts is available as well as sample balance sheet and income statement reports.

Some of the outstanding features of the General Ledger are:

  • Search by account number or description throughout the system
  • Chart of Accounts Wizard to create your Chart of Accounts quickly and easily
  • Quantities as well as Values
  • Explorer Style view of the account hierarchy
  • Graphical view of important account information:
    • Debit / Credit
    • Income Statement / Balance Sheet
    • Hold / Zero
    • Posting / Non Posting
  • Quick Access accounts for accounts you use every day
  • Automatic Split Postings based on a percentage or value
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Ability to Copy Budgets and Forecasts between Years, with a Percentage increase
  • Full on-screen enquiries
  • Granular Control over Interfacing other Ledgers
  • Batches can be consolidated to reduce transactions
  • Standing Batches (Journal or Accrual)
  • Automatic reversals of Accrual type batches
  • Ability to re-open a period
  • Ability to "Audit Close" a year, so it can no longer be re-opened
  • Full Report Writer
    • Control how amounts are rounded
    • Full Font Control
    • Specify the Fields Across to be printed
    • Full set of arithmetic functions
    • Comparative Accounts
    • Full set of user-defined Accumulators
  • Cross Branch GL Verification Report