Debtors Ledger

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The Debtors Ledger is Multi Company and branch. The integration to the General Ledger is on a batch basis.

The debtors system allows for open item and/or balance forward. If open item is used, the system allows for a balance forward statement to be produced on an open item debtor.

Reports include, Aged Analysis, Control Sheet, Sales Analysis reports, Over Terms and Credit Limits and Detailed Transactions. Whilst an Output Vat report can be produced here, a full input/output report, presented in the same format as the VAT 201 form, can be produced from the VAT section.

A Debtor can be flagged with a credit status that filters through to the invoicing modules. This will alert an operator to a possible problem on a debtor when invoicing.

Some of the outstanding features of the Debtors module are:

  • Live or Batch mode
  • Maintain multiple (any number) of addresses per Debtor
  • Debtor Statements can be produced for the Debtor, a Head Office account, or both
  • Invoice messages can be changed per Debtor
  • Statement messages can be changed per Debtor
  • Automatic (and accurate) Interest calculations
  • Payment Due may be set to a fixed number of days after the Invoice, a fixed number of days after the Statement, or a particular day of the month
  • Full on-screen enquiries
  • You choose whether to enforce credit limits or not
  • You choose whether to enforce credit terms or not
  • Bulk Changes to Debtors (for example change all Debtors with Price Indicator 3 to Price Indicator 4)
  • Ability to attach external documents to the Debtor master record (e.g. Quotations or Contracts)