Live Export

The Live Export module is an integral part of all other modules within Signet.

Once you have installed the Live Export module, you can setup the Live Export parameters in all other modules.

Although the intention is for data to be exported "live" (i.e. as it happens), you can also use this module to perform a once-off export of data.

For instance, you might need a text file containing all of your Debtors, with their telephone numbers.

The following modules / areas can be setup for Live Exporting:

  • Bill of Materials
    • Bills
    • Requisitions
  • Bank Runs
    • Account Masters
    • Bank Runs
    • Bank Transactions
    • Regular Postings
  • CashBook
    • Bank Accounts
    • Debit Orders
    • Transactions
  • Creditors Ledger
    • Credit Master Records
    • Transactions
  • Debtors Ledger
    • Debtor Master Records
    • Transactions
  • General Ledger
    • Accounts
    • Batches
    • Transactions
  • Inventory
    • Product Groups
    • Products
    • Suppliers
    • Transactions
    • Purchase Orders
  • Mail Manager
    • Mail Entries
  • Order Processing
    • Orders
    • Standing Orders
    • Invoices
    • Credit Notes
    • Quotations
  • Vehicle Costing
    • Vehicles
    • Trailers
    • Drivers
    • Groups
    • Transactions

You can setup the Live Export to export a line to a text file of your choice, when records are Added, Edited, Deleted, or any combination of these.

You also specify the fields, and the sequence in which they are written to the file.

Some possible uses of the module include:

  • Writing a Backup Copy of data to a text file
  • Feeding data into an external management information system for more detailed information analysis
  • Data warehousing feeds