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The Creditors Ledger is multi Company and branch with a "mini" General Ledger for those clients who do not operate their own GL. Allocation of transactions to their respective GL accounts may be performed and, at a later stage, integrated to the General Ledger if required.

The system allows for prioritisation of creditors for those "hard times" payments. Creditors can be marked for payment, a provisional payment schedule produced, and amendments to this schedule applied prior to the actual payment run.

The types of payments include remittance, cheque, combined cheque and remittance, manual payments and direct credit schedule.

Signet offers a full Direct Bank Payment module that may be linked to the Creditors for direct payment to the bank.

The Input VAT report may be produced from the Creditors module, but a full VAT report, modelled on the VAT 201 form, can be run from the VAT section.

Some of the outstanding features of the Creditors module are:

  • Live or Batch mode
  • Transactions can be posted to the Creditor, a Head Office account, or both
  • Creditors may be linked to a Foreign Currency, and any Forex fluctuations at the time of payment are automatically corrected in your General Ledger
  • Remittance Advices can be sent via EMail, Fax, or plain paper print. If EMail or Fax is selected, Signet can also print a paper copy for your own records
  • Full on-screen enquiries
  • When doing a Payment calculation run, Signet can limit the payments to a fixed amount (e.g. Pay Priority 1 Creditors, till you have exhausted R250,000.00)
  • Tracking of Customer Document numbers, to prevent double payments
  • Signet can generate your internal document numbers for you, or you may enter them manually
  • Bulk Changes to Creditor Details (for example change all Priority 4 Creditors to Priority 5)