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Order Processing / Invoicing is multi branch/warehouse and comprises three different components.


The first component is the traditional Order Processing or Order Entry, which works in conjunction with the Inventory module.

Orders may be placed, and where there is no stock available, back orders are created.

Picking slips, delivery notes and invoices may then be generated from the order.

The order may be tracked through the stages and a purchase order created in Inventory where there is no stock available.

Alternately, orders can be bypassed completely, and Invoices entered directly (i.e. where backordering is not required).


The system may be set up without Inventory and where lots of text lines, simple product codes, and no stock control is required.

This would be applicable to the service industry.


The third component is for point of sale requirements.

All the above components provide for bar code scanning in the data entry.

The stationery is user defined, and is easy to setup with a "drag and drop" facility. The system also provides for a "standard" format that may be used.

Quotations are also catered for, which can at a later point in time be converted directly into Orders.

A Credit Note wizard guides you through the process of crediting returned Products

Some of the outstanding features of the Order Processing module are:

  • Standing Orders with user defined frequencies
  • Full on-screen enquiries
  • Commissions due to Representatives can be automated, with a two-dimensional grid specifying commission percentages per Rep per Product Group
  • Real-time statistics
  • Graphical Statistics
  • Two dimensional reporting (e.g. by Rep by Product Group)
  • Quick access buttons on POS for items you sell regularly
  • Link to your Till, and have Signet open it automatically for you
  • Invoices are kept forever, so you can re-print them months later (with supervisory access rights of course)